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Senior Backend Engineer Engineering · Fully Remote



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, May 26, 2023
Engineering · Fully Remote

Senior Backend Engineer

Join the Moralis Mages on our glorious quest to bring digital ownership to the internet by empowering web3 developers.

Are you ready for something fresh and exciting, a chance to dive into some cool, new tech?

At Moralis, you’ll work in a fast, dedicated and innovative environment. You’ll join a company growing at an exciting pace. You’ll have the opportunity to work with the best projects in Web3. Currently, we are on our journey to onboard the next 1 million Developers to Web3 through Moralis.

For us to be able to reach that, continue delivering outstanding results, and grow at the desired pace, we are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer.

About the role 👩‍💻👨‍💻

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will be working with on-chain data extraction and building data processing pipelines.

  • This is learning intensive job - you need to learn how to decode the relevant on-chain data emitted by different blockchain
  • You need to learn how Moralis currently processes on-chain data and improve our current data pipeline
  • When Moralis needs to implement new features you will need to learn new smart contract standards and understand how they emit data and implement new data pipelines
  • Proactively look for ways to make the next iteration a bit better in regards to scalability, observability, tech debt and testability

About you 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

  • You're able to contribute independently and self-manage your tasks and projects
  • You're self-motivated and always go the extra mile to deliver extra value to Moralis thus inspiring the other team members
  • You take the responsibility to quickly learn and follow Moralis coding style and guidelines.
  • You understand and resonate with Moralis Values.
  • You take responsibility for sustaining the code base by flagging technical debt, potential scalability issues, and other ways the code base may improve.
  • You keep up to date with industry standards and new innovations
  • You have a knack for leading others and guiding them
  • You can churn out high level of code output DAILY
  • You can use Gitlab efficiently
  • Ready to collaborate and solve problems

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years relevant backend experience
  • Excellent understanding of NodeJS, NestJS and Typescript stack
  • Experience with Massive Real-Time Systems
  • Experience working with Kafka, Ampq, GRPC, Open API, Avro, Redis and Docker
  • Good knowledge of PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Golang and Kubernetes.

We truly appreciate the mindset of someone who always finds a way of improving existing work and strives to reach higher highs. In return, you’ll get to work with a fun team (we love memes and gaming😁🎮), diverse (we have team members from 39 different countries all over the world! 🌎), dedicated and forward-looking people (for real). We have a fully remote-first culture, meaning Moralis is open for everyone who is interested in working in the Metaverse.

Curious about what the Moralis culture is like and how we work? Feel free to check out our onboarding course

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Please ensure that all resumes and communication must be submitted in English.

Remote status
Fully Remote

Here, there, everywhere

Web3 is global, so is our team!

We are a fully remote and distributed team, with team members from 36 different countries. We value talent and a good fit over location.

Our goal is to become the best remote-first company in the world 🌎

About Moralis Web3 Technology

Moralis is the leading enterprise-grade Web3 API provider and development platform. Our mission is to enable anyone to build dapps and contribute to the open, decentralized economy.

Reasons to Join Us
Remote First, Remote Always

We are a fully remote and distributed team,

with team members from 36 different countries 🌎

Benefits and Perks

Our holistic growth and well-being are so important that we should take personal ownership over them.

Moralis empowers each team member to do so by extending these perks:

Competitive Compensation
Work Environment Allowance
Fitness & Well-Being Allowance
Continuing Education Allowance
Meet Ups
Moralis Culture & Values

Our values are the operating system that the team runs on.

They ensure we can be efficient in onboarding new teammates, setting expectations straight across teams, and, most importantly, serve as a guide for how Moralis can become not only highly successful but stay successful for generations.

Swedish Culture: Fika

You can read more about our culture and values inour handbook.

Engineering · Fully Remote

Senior Backend Engineer

Join the Moralis Mages on our glorious quest to bring digital ownership to the internet by empowering web3 developers.

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